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I am an artist from Sopela beach, in the Basque Country. I have always been moved by painting from an early age. It was not until 2021 that I decided to take this passion as a source of inspiration and commit myself in a more dedicated way to my artistic practice.

My work is a passionate search for the promise of a better future. In each stroke, I seek to make my works a kind of therapy for the human being, a perspective of calm and serenity that we seek in our hectic lives. By showing the endless beauty of the sea, I try to bring the viewer a sense of peace and connection to the ocean, the lungs of the earth, inspiring them to become its defender.

My work thus becomes an inspirational symbol of hope and change, where harmony between humanity and the natural environment is possible. It is not just a personal expression; it is a call to action that reminds us that we all have an important role to play in this purpose.

As an environmentally conscious person, I claim for myself to carefully choose the products I sell my art on. I try to always choose the most environmentally friendly product available. Some resources are inevitable to be able to create, protect, exhibit and sell the artworks; in this case I try to choose the options with the smallest footprint. Others are avoidable, so I just use for my “small business” what really adds value and make a difference.

Unfortunately, this sometimes involves an extra monetary cost compared to other alternatives, but I hope you can appreciate this extra money and are willing to be part of the change for having a safer and better world.

Our feet in the sand is the only footprint we should leave behind.

Foto de Maitane Echaniz en la playa